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4 Clever Marketing Strategies NO ONE is Speaking About

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In this episode, we explore the evolution of QVC into viral TikTok shopping videos and how clever engagement bait drives sales.

We also discuss the surprising appeal of POV “Shop with Me” content, reveal why LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads outperform traditional company page ads and understand the crucial role of addressing relatable problems with creative content in your marketing efforts.

How are you going to use these strategies in your marketing future?


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Marketing Strategies timestamps:

Intro 0 – 1:20

QVC TikTok Shopping 1:21 – 14:09

POV Content 14:10 – 18:30

LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads 18:31 – 23:19

problem vs solution 23:20- 28:40

outro 28:41 – 30:36

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Marketing Strategies Summary

Join us as we explore innovative marketing strategies that fly under the radar. We’re serious about sharing game-changing tactics to elevate your marketing results.

Discover hidden goldmines backed by specific examples with impressive outcomes.

Explore how QVC’s old-school approach evolved into viral TikTok videos using clever engagement bait. 

Discover the appeal of POV “Shop with Me” content and its sales impact. Then, Learn why LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads are more effective than company page ads.

We also highlight the importance of addressing relatable problems in marketing. We show how targeting customer pain points with creative content leads to great results.

Whether you’re new to marketing or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with actionable insights and real-world examples. Don’t miss these lesser-known strategies that could transform your marketing efforts.