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5 Most Entertaining Marketers On LinkedIn

🤔 LinkedIn used to be a place where you rock up in a suit, upload your CV and wait for job opportunities to roll in…not anymore.

👌 The platform is now thriving with a variety of content and more recently I’ve noticed a rise in entertaining content that has been generating some pretty hefty numbers.

👇 We’re big believers in creating entertaining content that audiences actually want to consume and in this article, I’ll share some inspiration from people nailing this type of content on LinkedIn.

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Example #1 Mike Winnet

I discovered Mike a couple of months ago and found myself in a rabbit hole on LinkedIn & YouTube binge-watching his content. He’s had some really interesting guests on his Not Another Dickhead With A Podcast (especially Benjamin Dennehy).

I love his no BS approach to opening the bonnet on all the sleazy tactics being used in the Marketing space, you’ve got to watch his Contrepreneur series where he exposes various “get rich quick” schemes.


Example #2 Dan Kelsall

If you haven’t come across Dan’s hilarious slide decks, you’ve missed out. Again, I Iove his no BS approach and genuinely laugh out loud when I see his slide decks pop up in my feed.


Example #3 Janine Coombes

Janine takes a slightly less crude approach (compared to Mike & Dan) when it comes to creating entertaining content on LinkedIn which also works really well.

Her entertaining videos make learning marketing concepts fun and her down to earth approach cracks me up, especially when her kids are pissing her off when she’s making videos.


Example #4 Mark Gaisford

Mark’s also from Kent and his recent entertaining-style content has hit some crazy numbers on LinkedIn with over 1 million views and tens of thousands of comments, likes and shares.


Example #5 Shay Rowbottom

I literally discoverd Shay this week and her videos are absolutly hilarious!.

Over To You

Who do you follow on LinkedIn that cracks you up? Share them in the comments below.