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to create a Playbook for BBC StoryWorks

BBC StoryWorks is the content studio of BBC Global News, they work with brands to create stories that move and inspire curious minds, across a range of platforms. They came to us wanting our TikTok expertise, and we delivered. We crafted a playbook to support their production and marketing team.

Imogen Naylor-Higgs

Head of Marketing at BBC Storyworks

October 13, 2023

Huge thank you to Dan, Lloyd and the Knowlton team also. It’s been really wonderful to work with you all and I can’t wait to see the team start using the playbook in earnest.







The Challenge

BBC StoryWorks approached us with a request to develop a comprehensive TikTok Playbook to support their production and marketing teams in planning, producing, and sharing high-performing TikTok content. Their primary objective was to create compelling TikTok content that resonated with their audience. 

We created a comprehensive playbook which included the best practices, tips, and tools to optimise TikTok’s potential ability to boost the presence of a brand and increase engagement.

Our focus was to do this whilst ensuring the resources being invested were realistic, and also making sure that the guide was up-to-date and adaptable given the changing nature of vertical video. 

As a platform where new features and trends constantly emerge, the major challenge was to ensure both teams could follow a guide where information they were reading was up to date and relevant.

The The Results

BBC StoryWorks placed their trust in Knowlton’s TikTok expertise (demonstrated in our work for a wide variety of clients), recognising our ability to deliver a guide that not only met their immediate needs but also evolved with the ever-changing dynamics of the TikTok platform. 

The marketing team at BBC Storyworks were impressed by the outcome of the playbook and said it looked “absolutely fantastic,” and thanked us for our hard work. 

Make sure to read the testimonial they left us above!

The SolutionSolution

As this guide was for both the production team and the marketing team, we produced separate versions of the playbook for both teams, as well as a full version which combined both areas. This made information which was most relevant to their needs easy to access and realistic to implement. 

The playbook included a range of information and processes for pre-production, production and post-production. We also provided an in-depth guide to strategic considerations and insights into effective TikTok strategy and paid TikTok, providing an understanding on how to leverage the platform’s paid features to maximise impact.

We communicated the potential that TikTok holds for engagement and how it can propel individuals’ videos to viral status, whilst also emphasising that there are impacts caused by the TikTok algorithm that demand attention. 

Our approach ensured that this complex information was presented in a simple yet captivating manner, making it engaging for both departments.