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How we generated a massive £1M+ contract

How we generated a massive £1M+ contract

for Stop’N’Go!

Stop’N’Go sell a range of industry-tested safety gloves designed to improve communication in the waste sector, saving lives by preventing manoeuvring accidents with reversing vehicles.

Obe Nunn Headshot

Obe Nunn

Stop N Go

March 2, 2023

Morning Dan, just a quick heads up…we got the first order yesterday for that large contract we were discussing. They would be one of the customers we would’ve only dreamt of dealing with!!







The Challenge

Stop’N’Go approached Knowlton to produce a variety of videos and images that could be used as part of a paid social ad campaign. The goal was to drive leads from key decision-makers in large businesses via LinkedIn.

The The Results

The campaign generated a significant amount of leads from senior decision-makers at multinational corporations. The biggest converted lead was worth a massive seven-figures!

The Solution

To inform our strategy, we split-tested two main awareness videos – one Informative cut and one Comedic cut – allowing us to push more of what resonates best with Stop’N’Go’s target audience.

In our Comedic cut, our goal was to deliver highly strategic/sales-focused messaging in an entertaining way to ensure the target market was fully engaged. Our character of Dave was in a hilarious full-body cast and was turned into a “princess” by his daughter after having to take time off work, demonstrating the dangers of not having suitable PPE to our target audience in an incredibly relatable and 
entertaining way.

This approach is exactly what helped Stop’N’Go to start reaching customers they would’ve only dreamt about dealing with before!


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