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Impressions using nostalgia in our Sunny D campaign 

Sunny D is a memorable beverage brand from the 90s that all millennials will remember. Using nostalgia, we took old fans back to the 90s which generated 10+ million impressions and reached 3.5 million.

Eleanor Edwards

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October 13, 2023

Knowlton have been a fantastic agency to work with for our new social campaign. Their creativity, campaign delivery and execution have all been second to none, as well as being able to provide real time results and analytics. Can’t fault the team’s enthusiasm and their ability to push boundaries and think outside the box!







Trackable results we’ve achieved for Sunny D

The Challenge

After a highly publicised incident where a girl turned orange after consuming excessive quantities of the beverage. Sunny D came to us wanting to revive its presence in the UK market with a creative and attention-grabbing marketing campaign. 

Sunny D wanted to increase sales and recover from their reputation as a drink full of high sugar content and artificial additives. It had addressed these issues head on and committed to reducing its sugar content and using natural ingredients, highlighting the brand’s efforts to provide a healthier and more responsible choice. 

Our challenge was to communicate this with their fans through transparent marketing in an effort to rebuild the trust they had lost with their old fans, whilst introducing a new generation to the drink.

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The The Results

Our Sunny D campaign, infused with delightful nostalgic references, such as Shaun Williamson’s iconic “I’m gonna do it anyway” moment, made a sensational splash this summer. 

The results of this nostalgic journey were nothing short of remarkable. Among all the content we’ve created for Sunny D, this campaign achieved:

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The Solution

The Knowlton team developed an effective marketing campaign tapping into the power of nostalgia to reignite the passion of Sunny D’s longtime fans – millennials. We embedded nostalgic references into our marketing strategies to create beloved memories to take millennials back to the happy days of sipping Sunny D in their garden!

The main 90s references? We enlisted the charismatic presence of Shaun Williamson and Dave Benson Phillips to battle it out in becoming the new faces of Sunny D. We encouraged the audience to use #ShaunyD or #SunnyDave on social media to secure their vote and urged our audience to share their own 90s reminiscences, taking old fans down memory lane, of the days when they eagerly awaited their parents’ verdict on whether Sunny D, the ‘nectar of the gods,’ would grace their fridge. 

We also knew that these fans would remember the past criticism that had loomed over the brand in the 2000s. Our approach was light-hearted, allowing Sunny D to humorously acknowledge and poke fun at its prior detractors, followed by a reassuring message that the Sunny D recipe had evolved for the better. 

Moreover, we strategically filmed the main marketing campaign in a format conducive to creating shorter, shareable assets tailored for various social media formats. This ensured that Sunny D’s revitalised message reached its audience across different digital landscapes to resonate with both old and new fans.


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