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6 Marketing Ideas From The Best Campaigns of 2024 (So Far)

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In today’s episode, we cover the BEST marketing strategies to help you become a better marketer. From Lidl’s cheeky personality approach to data-backed campaigns from McVities.

We look into the challenges of originality in advertising, the need to be both relatable AND funny, creating swift responses to viral events and crafting PR-worthy campaigns.

The marketing space is constantly changing, and we’re here to help you keep up!


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Marketing ideas timestamps:

0:00 – 0:38 – Intro.

0:39 – 2:07 – Dans data.

2:08 – 10:46 – Idea 1 Put Your Own Twist On A Succesful Marketing Campaign.

10:47 – 15:39 – Idea 2 Create Relatable, Timely Content About What Everyone is Thinking & Talking About.

15:40 – 20:17 – Idea 3 Be Self-Deprecating.

20:18 – 24:09 – Idea 4 Repackage What You Offer In Creative Ways.

24:10 – 27:30 – Idea 5 Quicky React To Viral Moments.

27:31 – 29:55 – Idea 6 Create PR-Worthy Campaigns.

29:56  – Outro.

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Marketing Ideas From The Best Campaigns of 2024 Summary

Join Dan & Lloyd on this week’s episode as we delve into 6 of the best Marketing Ideas of 2024.

We kick off by discussing the importance of putting your own twist on successful marketing campaigns. Take Lidl’s recent campaign which featured employees with famous names. While some criticised it as copying, we explore the concept of originality in marketing and the power of adding your unique spin to proven strategies.

Next, we delve into the art of creating relatable, timely content by examining Surreal’s witty January campaign. We break down how being relatable resonates with audiences and drives engagement, offering practical tips for incorporating relatability into your marketing strategy.

Then, we share our favourite topic: the value of being self-deprecating. Through humorous anecdotes and examples, we illustrate how brands can build authenticity and connection by poking fun at themselves.

We also discuss the importance of repackaging your offerings creatively, drawing inspiration from McDonald’s ever-popular specials menu. By repackaging existing skills or products in new ways, you can attract fresh interest and appeal to broader audiences.

And let’s not forget about the power of quick reactions to viral moments. We analyse Home Bargains’ clever response to a viral video, showcasing how cheeky and timely content can capture attention and spark conversations.

Finally, we highlight the significance of creating PR-worthy campaigns, using McVitie’s biscuit-dunking study as a prime example. We explore how tapping into relatable experiences and presenting intriguing data can elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility.

So, if you’re ready to transform your marketing game and enjoy outstanding results, join us for personal stories, expert tips, and actionable advice. Tune in now and discover what it takes to become a top-performing marketer!