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Our Biggest F*ck Ups Of 2023 & What We Learnt

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In this episode, Lloyd and Dan discuss their business journey, candidly sharing the setbacks they’ve encountered and the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way.

They delve into various financial challenges they faced and the strategies employed to navigate through these difficulties. Lloyd shares personal experiences about the stress of running a business, providing insights into the emotional challenges involved.

Dan and Lloyd emphasise the importance of not overlooking data and embracing elements that can streamline life in the long term. By incorporating these considerations into their decision-making process, they’ve seen a positive impact on their business.


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F*ck ups Timestamps

0:00 – 0:19 – Intro

0:19 – 4:12 – Why we’re f*ck ups

4:12 – 10:06 – Our biggest f*ck ups this year

10:06 – 20:01 – How we got through it

20:01 – 27:53 – Lessons we have learnt

27:53 – 30:20 – Our joint f*ck up!

30:20 – 31:06 – Quick fire f*ck ups

31:06 – 31:59 – Outro

31:59 – 33:06 – Adobe Express pod sponsor

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F*ck Ups Podcast Summary

In the episode Dan and Lloyd openly share their experiences from the past year, emphasising the importance of transparency and acknowledging their mistakes. They discuss the varying magnitudes of their setbacks and the invaluable lessons learnt from them, encouraging listeners to find relatable elements in their stories.

The episode begins with Dan and Lloyd candidly exploring the highs and lows of their entrepreneurial journey. They reflect on the challenges they faced in 2023, focusing on the significant impact each obstacle had on their business. Their discussion covers overcoming financial challenges and implementing cost-cutting strategies, offering practical advice for others facing similar business hurdles. They express a wish to have known these strategies earlier.

Lloyd shares his insights on the inherent stresses of entrepreneurship, particularly the emotional toll it takes. Dan and Lloyd stress the importance of data in decision-making and the benefits of not overlooking factors that contribute to long-term ease and success.

The conversation is an open discussion about the realities of entrepreneurship, learning through challenges, and the art of strategic decision-making. This episode is not only a review of the past year but also an acknowledgement of the challenges they faced. It offers listeners insights into Dan and Lloyd’s plans to elevate their business in 2024.