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In this episode, we dissect recent VIRAL marketing campaigns, from Specsavers’ van stunt to subtle celebrity endorsements from David Beckham. 

We also discuss how AI programs, like Sora, are allowing small-budget campaigns to challenge their high-budgeted competitors.

Learn how brands leverage creativity to capture attention and gain valuable insights for your own business.


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Marketing Lessons timestamps:

Intro –  0- 01:49

Specsavers stunt – 1:50 – 8:14

British Airways billboard – 8:15 – 15:49

Stella Artois and David Beckham – 15:50 – 26:54

Sora –  26:55 – 34:14

Outro –  34:15 

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Marketing Lessons Summary

Join us this week as we dive into the latest marketing campaigns making waves in the industry. In our signature style, we dissect and analyse real-world campaigns to uncover what makes them successful—or not. From cheeky stunts to innovative strategies, we explore it all.

In this episode, we discuss Specsavers’ viral van accident that blurred the lines between a marketing stunt and a genuine mishap. Then, we turned our attention to British Airways’ bold billboard campaign, showcasing just a quarter of their logo. Is it cocky or brilliant? You decide. 

But the surprises don’t stop there. We delve into Stella Artois’ unconventional approach, featuring David Beckham’s hand as the star of the show. We also share insights on how businesses of any size can leverage creativity to stand out without breaking the bank. From piggybacking on established brands to clever parodies and beyond, we uncover strategies that work.

Join us for an engaging conversation packed with valuable insights and practical tips for cutting through the noise in today’s competitive marketing landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a business owner looking to elevate your brand, this episode has something for everyone.