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5 Marketing Trends That Will Make You A Better Marketer in 2024

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In this episode, we delve into 5 cutting-edge marketing trends, starting with the ‘visual, data-backed product comparison’ method developed by Prime (SO clever).

We also dive into the power of UGC, reactive PR stunts, car crash advertising & how retention rate is the new engagement rate.

If you want to pretend you know more about marketing than you actually do, this is the episode for you.


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Marketing Trends Timestamps

0:00 – 0:23 – Intro 

0:23 – 9:10 – Prime’s ‘Visual, Data-Backed Product Comparison’ Method

9:10 – 16:51 – Boxbollen’s UGC Technique

16:51 – 19:53 – Getting PR right – Stanley Cups 

19:53 – 23:28 – Getting PR wrong – North Face 

23:28 – 26:15 – Reactive marketing 

26:16 – 29:46 – Car Crash Advertising 

29:46 – 34:34 – Quick fire trends from Lloyd (QFTFL) 

34:34 – 36:25 – Outro 

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Marketing Trends Podcast Summary

Join us as we delve into a variety of recent highly successful marketing campaigns. We explore different brands and the innovative niche marketing strategies they’ve employed to stand out from the crowd.

We kick things off by dissecting Prime’s effective visual-backed product comparison approach. By showcasing the unique benefits of their products compared to competitors, Prime leveraged data to highlight key differences, such as the lower sugar content in their beverages compared to Gatorade. 

This data-driven strategy yielded impressive results, demonstrating the power of informed product comparison in marketing.

Next, we explore Boxbollen’s unconventional low-production technique, which involves shooting user-generated content (UGC) on mobile phones. What sets them apart? Their strategic use of major celebrities in these UGCs, which instantly grabs attention and amplifies brand visibility.

Our discussion also touches on the trend of reactive PR, where brands capitalise on real-time events to craft clever publicity stunts. Examples like Dash Drinks and Stanley Cups demonstrate how brands can seize the moment and generate buzz by creatively reacting to external happenings.

We also delve into the realm of annoying yet captivating ads, acknowledging that they make you want to keep watching. 

Tune in for insights on keeping up with marketing trends in a competitive industry. Subscribe to stay updated on future episodes!