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The Perfect Morning Routine For Busy Marketers & Business Owners

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In this episode, Dan & Lloyd discuss the morning routines that have changed their lives. From avoiding the news, to hanging out in a sauna with middle-aged men.

This episode really does have it all. If you’re looking for small, practical changes you can make to your morning routine that will make you happier, this is a must-listen.

Prepare to belly laugh at some of the morning routines Lloyd has tested (wait until you hear about the kissing).

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Morning Routines Podcast Summary

Check out this episode titled ‘The Perfect Morning Routine For Busy Marketers & Business Owners (Non Cringe)’ – though we’re not sure it totally lives up to the ‘non cringe’ part!

Get ready for a laugh when you hear about Lloyd’s morning ritual, which includes a sweet kiss goodbye to his wife. Dan and Lloyd dive into their own morning routines, revealing how they stay upbeat, organised, and pumped for the day.

The episode kicks off with Lloyd breaking down Mark Wahlberg’s super early-bird routine – think waking up at 2:30 am, prayers, workouts, golf, and even cryo chamber recovery! We’re a bit sceptical, especially about how much sleep he’s missing out on.

Lloyd’s big on getting enough zzz’s, tracking his sleep with a Whoop Band, cutting out afternoon caffeine, and ditching his phone before bedtime.

We chat about good habits we love, like reading, hitting the gym, enjoying sauna sessions & outdoor pools, and yes, Lloyd’s morning smooch. And both of us skip the morning news for some uplifting podcasts during our commute.

Lloyd also shares a hilarious contrast between his current health-focused mornings and his uni days of late wake-ups and not-so-great choices.

Overall, this episode is all about how awesome morning routines can boost your health, productivity, and happiness. We wrap up with a fun discussion on various routines – some you’ve gotta hear to believe!

Curious if your morning routine matches up? Tune in to the podcast and find out!