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Skyrocket Your Sales Strategies: Discover 5 Techniques That Drove £125K+ In Sales Last Month

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Join us this week as Dan & Lloyd share how we bagged £125K in new business last month! From the art of ‘qualifying out’ prospects with strategies borrowed from top sales books like MEDDICC by Andy Whyte and GAP SELLING by Keenan, to the surprising realisation that customer perception can sometimes matter more than actual results.

We spill the beans on our own missteps and successes and highlight why ongoing, genuine relationship-building can be the golden key to unlocking major deals.


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Sales Strategies Timestamp

0:00 – 0:35 Intro

0:36 – 2:05 Dan tells Lloyd’s sobbing story

2:06 – 3:20 Why are we talking about sales strategies?

3:21 – 5:50 Lloyd tells Dan to work on his segments

5:51 – 11:48 Lesson 1 – “Nobody Ever Regrets Qualifying Out”

11:49 – 19:25 Lesson 2 – Customer perception is just as important as actual results

19:26 – 24:01 Lesson 3 – Don’t underestimate the importance of ‘relationship building’ & patience

24:02 – 28:43 Lesson 4 Focus on what your customers want, not what you want to give them.

28:44 – 32:00 Lesson 5 – Test LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads!

32:01 – 33:14 Sneak peak into next month’s episode

33:15 – 34:30 Outro

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Sales Strategies Podcast Summary

Looking to supercharge your sales approach? Dive into these proven sales strategies that have driven the success of industry experts, Dan and Lloyd. With insights from their leading marketing agency, these actionable tips are set to redefine your sales methods.


1. Prioritise Lead Qualification

It’s essential to pinpoint who your potential clients are. Dan regales us with a memorable tale about a misguided networking attempt, underlining the crucial role of effective lead qualification. The message? Don’t waste invaluable time on leads that won’t convert. Focus on identifying and nurturing potential clients who are a genuine fit for your offerings.


2. Customer Perception: The Silent Deal Breaker

Ever realised that how your clients perceive your service can be just as critical as the tangible results? Dan drives home this point with a telling anecdote. By fostering transparent communication and shining a spotlight on your team’s relentless efforts, you can enhance customer satisfaction levels—even if you’re already on top of your game.


3. Cultivate Lasting Relationships

The essence of a thriving business? Building and maintaining relationships. Dan shares insights into the transformative power of fostering long-term connections with your clientele. While these bonds might sprout organically, nourishing them can pave the way for profitable ventures.


4. Tune Into Your Customer’s Frequency

Remember, it’s not about selling what you want—it’s about catering to your client’s desires. Adapt and tailor your offerings to resonate with their needs. The result? A harmonious partnership with long-standing, content clients.


5. Revolutionise B2B Marketing with LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads

In the realm of B2B marketing, Dan unveils a golden opportunity—LinkedIn’s thought leader ads. Instead of the conventional company page promotions, focus on enhancing organic posts stemming from individual profiles. Get a step-by-step guide on harnessing the potential of this groundbreaking advertising strategy.