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The 5 Key Behaviours Of Top Performing Marketers

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In today’s episode, we’re uncovering the secrets behind the behaviours of top-performing marketers. Ever wondered why some marketers get 10 times better results than others with the same amount of time and money?

Lloyd and Dan reveal the five key behaviours that set the best apart from the rest: Efficient Communication, Clarity in Objectives, Empathy for the Target Market, Trust in the Team, and Embracing Managed Risk.

Tune in for personal stories, expert tips, and actionable advice to transform your marketing game and enjoy outstanding results!


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Behaviours of Top-Performing Marketers Timestamp

00:00 – 00:27 – Intro

00:28 – 01:47 – Lloyd locked his keys in his car

01:48 – 03:20 – Why this episode is important

03:21 – 09:52 – Behaviour 1 – Efficient communication

09:253 – 15:02 – Behaviour 2 – Clarity in Objectives

15:03 – 20:28 – Behaviour 3 – Empathy for the Target Market

20:29 – 24:10– Behaviour 4 – Trust in the team

24:11 – 29:44 – Behaviour 5 – Embracing Managed Risk

29:45 – 31:03 – Take a risk give us a review

31:04 -31:13 – Outro

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Behaviours of Top-Performing Marketers Podcast Summary

In this episode of the Business Anchors Podcast, Dan and Lloyd discuss the behaviours of top-performing marketers and why it is crucial for listeners to stay tuned until the end. They share insights from their experiences working with highly efficient marketers and contrast them with those who do not maximise the value of their time and money.


Why This Topic?

Lloyd explains that they have recently started working with some amazing marketers who work efficiently and effectively, deriving huge value from their work and collaborations. However, they have also encountered marketers who do not get the best value out of their investments. Interestingly, Lloyd notes that neither group seems to realise the difference in their outcomes.

Dan and Lloyd have worked with hundreds of marketing teams and have identified a pattern in the behaviours that set the best apart from the rest. They are excited to reveal the five key behaviours that differentiate top-performing marketers.


1. Efficient Communication

Top-performing marketers excel in communication, maximising their team’s potential and extracting the best value from every collaboration. They are organised, committed, and deliver promptly, resulting in outstanding outcomes.

Dan and Lloyd share a personal story about their early communication struggles and how they have improved over time. They emphasise the importance of understanding each other’s communication styles and respecting each other’s time.

Tip: Use Slack to categorise conversations into channels and avoid using email for communication.


2. Clarity in Objectives

Successful marketers provide clear briefs that focus minds and align efforts from the start. Lloyd discusses the importance of aligning objectives with senior members of the company and shares insights from the book MEDDICC, a sales qualification framework.


3. Empathy for the Target Market

Top marketers separate their opinions and emotions when providing feedback and developing concepts. Lloyd shares a story about a marketer who based decisions on his wife’s opinions, which were not relevant to the target market.


4. Trust in the Team

Successful marketers trust their internal and external teams and foster a culture of collaboration. Dan shares his journey from struggling with delegation to trusting and empowering his team.

Lloyd responds to the common objection, “It’s just quicker & easier if I do it,” by highlighting the importance of thinking about lifetime value and the limitations of doing everything oneself.


5. Embracing Managed Risk

Top-performing marketers do not shy away from taking managed risks. They evaluate opportunities, ask the right questions, and weigh potential gains. Lloyd shares tips for marketers who want to embrace managed risk but are afraid of making mistakes.